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About the Club

Greenville Civic Club

The Greenville Civic Club was organized for the sole purpose of benefiting the Town of Greenville and it’s residents. The Club is comprised of civic-minded individuals from all walks of life who derive satisfaction through personal participation in fund raising activities in a dynamic, social, community-based organization.

Serving Food
Helping Kids
Meet the Club Officers
Scot Horman President
Scott Horman - President

Phone: 920-246-9762

Pete Gervais Vice President
Pete Gervais - Vice President

Phone: 920-450-0992

Luke Ebben Secretary
Luke Ebben - Secretary

Phone: 920-740-9075

Joe Lautenschlager Treasurer
Joe Lautenschlager - Treasurer

Phone: 920-809-1954

Need more details or want to join?

Contact us by phone, email or via Facebook.

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